7 Day Money Back Promise

Terms & Conditions

  • At Peter Warren Automotive, Macarthur Automotive, North Shore Automotive and Sydney North Shore Automotive, we hope purchasing a vehicle from us isn’t the end of the transaction but the beginning of a happy and long-term relationship. So, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will offer you a 7-day Money Back Promise (subject to the conditions contained herein).
  • If you decide you are not 100% happy with your purchase decision, within 7 days of taking delivery of your pre-owned vehicle, you will be entitled to receive a full refund of the purchase price, provided that both yourself and the selling dealer can be returned to the same position both parties were in before the vehicle was purchased. Your rights to receive a refund will be conditional upon the following conditions being satisfied:
  • The vehicle must not have travelled more than 500km from date of delivery and/or sustained any damage or disrepair before it is returned. The odometer reading on the contract of sale will determine the commencement reading.
  • The vehicle must not have had any modifications, alterations or parts exchanged since delivery.
  • The vehicle must be returned to the selling dealership that delivered the vehicle. Any charges associated with the vehicle’s return will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • If the customer does not take delivery of the vehicle within 7 days of being notified that it is ready for delivery, then this guarantee does not apply.
  • The vehicle must be returned to us unencumbered and free of finance within the 7 days unless finance was arranged by the selling dealer.
  • If the refundable amount is not enough to discharge any encumbrance granted by the customer and the customer elects not to pay the balance in order to discharge the encumbrance/security, then this guarantee does not apply.
  • If there is a trade-in associated with the purchase of the vehicle, the selling dealer will not transact upon the trade-in until the 7-day refund period has expired.
  • If the trade-in is encumbered, a payout figure from the financier is required with a valid date of 9 days or more from date of delivery
  • Trade buyers, rental/hirer business and all other related purchasers are not eligible. At point of sale, notification shall be provided as to whether the guarantee applies to your transaction.
  • The 7-day money back guarantee does not apply to new cars or demonstrator models.
  • The 7-day money back guarantee only applies to customers whose principal place of residence is located within NSW or ACT.
  • The 7-day money back guarantee is applicable on all vehicles under $50,000 (including GST)
  • The customer is liable for all parking fines, penalties and/or road traffic infringements while the vehicle is in their possession.
  • Notice of a purchaser’s election to return the vehicle must be received in writing to the selling dealer within the 7-day period, starting from the physical date of delivery. The vehicle must also be returned to the selling dealer prior to 10am on the first trading day following the same 7-day period.
  • Your rights under Australian Consumer Law: Any rights that you have under this money back guarantee are in addition to any rights you may have under the Australian Consumer Law. This money back guarantee does not affect or in any way, vary any statutory warranty rights that you may have in relation to the purchase of your vehicle.